QB Hotel Uni App FAQ

Download our Queensberry Hotel App for free!

This app will immediately give you the following discounts;

DrinkNormal PriceMembership Price
QB Draught Pint$8.90$7.50
QB Draught Jug$17.50$14
Cider Pint$10$8.50
Cider Jug$20.80$16.50
Basic Spririts$8$6.50
Wine & Champagne$7$5.50
Wet Pussy Shot$7$4
Jager Bomb$12$9
Food ItemNormal PriceRegular Price
Chicken Parma$23$11 *
Cheese Burger$16.50$11 *
Vegie Burger$16.50$11 *
Fish & Chips22$11 *

How do I claim these discounts?
Just present your phone displaying your unique bar code found in the "My Membership" section of your app at the bar.
What can I get with my reward points?
The points you collect with the app can give you all the following rewards:

Beverage ProductPoints needed to redeem
Pot of QB1080
Pot of Cider1368
Rothbury Sparkling Glass1680
Rothbury Sauv Blanc Glass1680
Rothbury Chardonnay Glass1680
Rothbury Shiraz Glass1680
Rothbury Cab Merlot Glass1680
Wet Pussy Shot1800
Skyy Vodka1920
Wild Turkey1920
El Toro Tequila1920
Black Douglas Scotch 1920
Beenleigh Rum1920
Prince Albert Gin1920
Dusty Fairy Shot2880
Jager Bomb3120
Aperol Spritz3960
Espresso Martini4080
Jug of QB4200
Jug of Cider4992
Food ProductPoints needed to redeem
Chicken Wings3360
QB Beef Burger4200
Original Chicken Parma5400
Speciality Chicken Parma5640

How do I redeem my points?
In the Offers section of your app, there will be a list of all redeemable items. Please select the item you wish to claim. This will generate a voucher for that specific item, which can be found in the Vouchers section of your app. Present this voucher at the bar to get your free item!

How do I get points?
Any purchase you make earns points. The more you spend, the more you get – it’s as simple as that! You can also earn points by referring mates and filling out short questionnaires.