The mid-week pub trivia night is a time-honoured Australian tradition on the scale of Four n’ Twenty pies at the footy and hating the English Cricket Team.  Spending a Wednesday night testing your general knowledge while nursing a pot of beer and a chicken parma is not only heaps of fun, it is an Australian birth-right. So don’t even bother fighting it.

A word of warning to egg-heads with an ego, Queensberry Hotel is simply the gold-standard of pub trivia. When you happen to share the same postcode as some of Australia’s most prestigious Universities, it means the stakes are high and the nerds are everywhere.

Infamous Queensberry Hotel Quizmaster, T-Bone, has earned a reputation as the Tony Barber of pub trivia. He rules with an iron fist and a silver moustache. Some say he was schooled by Baby John Burgess, others say he was the real inspiration for Russell Crowe’s character in The Beautiful Mind.

The only genuine truth surrounding T-Bone is that he delicately crafts each trivia question in total isolation in a small hut located on the Serengeti Plains close to the Tanzanian border, so by the time he actually mumbles it into the microphone at the ‘Berry, it’s a 100%, fully guaranteed brain-buster.

You’ve tried the rest, it’s time to get your brain melted by the best.

Trivia kicks off at 8:30pm with food and drink prizes up for grabs. Free to play, book your table now.

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